Tuesday, March 5, 2013

after pornified getting more attention

The spring issue of Bitch Magazine is out and it features a review of my After Pornified book. I haven't received my copy of the issue yet, but I am very proud that this sharp magazine, which has branded itself a “Feminist Response to Pop Culture,” decided to include my book. Check it out!

Also just out is a new issue of One + One Filmmakers Journal. A special issue devoted to Pornography and Sex in the Cinema, it includes an article I wrote titled "After Pornified." Featuring condensed sections of my book, it also includes discussions and disagreements around feminist porn not included in my book. You can download a free PDF of the magazine here.

Psychology Tomorrow Magazine also has a new issue out and it does in fact feature an excerpt from my book, taken from the introduction and conclusion to give an overview of the arch of the book in its entirety.

Last month, Jennifer Lyon Bell of Blue Artichoke Films sent out her latest newsletter, endorsing my book as a "smart new book on female-made porn." Check out her excellent review here.
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