Thursday, January 26, 2012

mandated condoms in porn: not feminist?

Last week, Los Angeles became the first city in the nation to require performers use condoms on porn sets. In a compelling commentary, writer, porn performer and director Lorelei Lee explains how this ordinance, together with the recent attacks on the industry's own self-regulated measures to ensure and overview mandatory STI testing for all porn performers prior to working on any production, is not a safer or securer move for porn performers. Sex reporter AV Flox followed up on this issue yesterday, including by collecting the reactions of other female porn performers.

Firstly, condoms do not have a 100 percent success rate: one study has shown condoms to be only 80 percent effective against HIV. Secondly, when used by performers doing sex for hours a day, they may cause uncomfortable "friction burns" and irritated skin may make it easier for STIs to be transmitted. Thirdly, the ordinance does not have a provision for the use of protection during oral sex. Finally, since the condom mandate is tied to zoning laws and the process of acquiring permits for shootings outside of a certified sound stage, many producers will simply shoot in L.A. without a permit, or move production outside of the city. Ultimately, the ordinance could leave several porn performers at a loss of jobs simply because condoms in porn is not what viewers want to see, explains Lee, referring to previous efforts at having porn performers use condoms.

I'm slightly surprised at just how compelling I find Lee's argument, because I really appreciate how feminist porn incorporates the use of condoms in a playful and sexy way, setting a positive example while also portraying sex more realistically (e.g. when portraying casual sex between a random couple hooking up one night).

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my top ten feminist porn films

Sadie Magazine, which aims to empower young women with stories of risk-taking ladies and offering resources to make young women (and all interested young men) self-sufficient, independent, and knowledgeable, has released its winter issue and it includes an article by me titled my "Top Ten Feminist Porn Films." Excerpt:
Women today represent at least one out of every three online buyers of porn, meaning millions of women watch porn on a regular basis.
Of course, the mainstream porn industry has picked up on this trend, releasing their so-called “women friendly” lines of porn that do nothing more than gloss up the picture and soften the plot.

In my work on feminist porn, I look for the authentic porn made by women who show a sincere commitment to radically changing porn, featuring female and male sexuality with respect and realism. Where porn becomes a vehicle for women to explore sex and define it on their terms.
 My favorite feminist porn films stand out for their progressive content and cinematic quality with images and soundtracks that speak to and move me. These are my top ten choices ...

Find out which films they are and read my synopses of my Top Ten Feminist Porn Films at Sadie Magazine!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my latest film reviews at good vibrations magazine

I've had a series of reviews published at Good Vibrations Magazine lately that I haven't posted about here. They include reviews of Petra Joy's latest film The Female Voyeur, Jennifer Lyon Bell's and Murielle Scherre's film Skin. Like. Sun. (recently released on DVD), Candida Royalle's classic and always politically important Revelations, Erika Lust's latest film Cabaret Desire, Madison Young's Pregnant with Desire, and Candida Royalle's and Jamye Waxman's Under the Covers. Find all reviews in my column at Good Vibrations Magazine. Or like me on Facebook to receive all my updates.
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